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15 個尋找下載免費電子書的地方(合法)

15 個尋找下載免費電子書的地方(合法)

您是否正在尋找下載免費電子書的地方? 如果是這樣,那麼您來對地方了! 書籍可能很貴(這是書籍愛好者面臨的最大問題之一),所以當您能夠免費找到電子書時真是太好了!

實際上有很多地方可以合法獲得免費電子書,所以今天我們將討論尋找和下載免費電子書的最佳地點。 這 15 個網站是我最喜歡找到免費電子書閱讀的地方之一,所以今天就去看看它們,找到一些很棒的新讀物吧!

1. 圖書大百科

如何透過 5 個簡單步驟開設線上商店

如果您曾經希望能夠隨時隨地工作並隨時進行銷售,那麼您可能已經想到開設線上商店。 但從頭開始可能會感覺壓力很大。



它要多少錢? 我可以免費做嗎?



In the 1990s I worked as a talent scout and band manager. I loved scouting for labels. I was lucky enough to work with a number of small independents and a major label. I would spend my nights visiting rehearsal studios and live music venues.

During the day I would work for the bands I managed. I would spend hours phoning labels and making new contacts. I would spend a small fortune duplicating demos, stuffing them into mailers and taking them to my local post office.

Now the game has changed. In one way it is a lot easier to get your music seen by the right people. In another way, it is a lot harder for artists to get noticed.

With thousands of hours, of new music, added daily, SoundCloud is an ocean of new music. It is also one of…

How to Use Twitter: From Beginner to Advanced

Have you been struggling with how to use Twitter effectively for your personal brand or business? If so, this post has everything covered for you, start to finish.

Twitter is the epitome of the KISS strategy—keep it simple, stupid.

Not that I’m labeling anyone “stupid,” but the social network does rather successfully force its users to do what most of the internet doesn’t: self-edit.

With only 280 characters (yes, including spaces), you don’t have much liberty to hash out long-verse prose.

I mean, sure, 280 characters is a leg up from its previous 140. And yes, now that Twitter has released a threaded tweets feature it’s easier to create a series of connected posts.


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